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T4 – Employment income

T3, T5 – Interest, dividends, mutual funds

T4E – Employment insurance benefits

T4A - OAS, T4AP – Old Age Security and CPP benefits

T2202A- Tuition / education receipts

T4A- Other pensions and annuity income

T5007 - Social assistance, Workers’ compensation benefits

Any other slip


RRSP contribution slips

Child care information (Babysitting)

Professional or union dues

Tool expenses (Tradespersons)

Medical expenses (by family during the last 24 months)

Employment expenses

Political contributions

Charitable donations (last 5 years)

Moving expenses (if moved for work purposes)

Interest paid on student loans (last 5 years)

Professional certification exams

Property tax for rental property information


Notice of Assessment/Reassessment

Canada Revenue Agency correspondence (any letter from CRA)

Sale of principal residence

Rental income and expense receipts

T2200- Declaration of Conditions of Employment

Details of dependents, if any (Kids, grandparents)

First time home buyer- please bring home documents

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