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Whatever type of insurance it may be, we are associated with various insurance providers, and can customise your coverage for your specific needs.


Are you looking to invite your family or friends to Canada? We offer super visa insurance at rates that are incomparable. Visit us to learn about how much coverage you should aim at and what plans would suit you best.


If you are looking to get away for vacation, make sure you’re covered in case of any emergency. Our travel insurance packages are not only competitive, but we also ensure to provide you insurance that ticks off all boxes.


One of the most notorious unexpected expenses in Canada is medical expense for visitors. If you are hosting your family or friends from overseas, ensure they have adequate coverage to avoid getting any surprises in case of the unexpected.


A majority of our clients have families and dependents who rely on them for financial support. Our advice with life and critical illness insurance is to start early and start right. We offer plans that are tailored to your coverage needs and your financial comfort.


Some of our clients work in areas where the likelihood of injury and disability are higher. We urge such clients to consider disability insurance to protect them financially in case of accidents and adverse events. We have a wide array of plans to offer, that are tailored to your personal needs.
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